How to become financially independent

What you are doing now won’t get you to where you want to be. If you want to quit your job you need to become financially independent.

The 1 investment portfolio

In order to retire you need cash flow. Aka income. The most important thing you can do to reach retirement is to earn more money. That is why most people in America really so heavily on Social Security. Because it is guaranteed income from the government. If you saved $1,000,000 and then spent 40,000 eachContinue reading “The 1 investment portfolio”

The 7 laws of money to become rich

Become rich following these laws of money.

7 Dividend aristocrat stocks that will increase your income

These stocks will get you to financial independence faster.

The stock market never goes down

You need to be invested in the stock market to get rich. The market stock market always wins and increases over time.